Wiltshire Schools' Athletics Association

WSAA Cross Country Championships 2019
13 Jan 2019

The WSAA Cross Country Championships will take place on Saturday 19th January 2019 with reserve date Saturday 26th January 2019.


Sheldon School
Hardenhuish Lane
SN14 6HJ


Please do not arrive before 09:15 as races are starting half an hour later this year (see below).

Teams should arrive between 09:15 & 09:35.


All those travelling from Swindon and North Wiltshire please enter Sheldon School via the Main Entrance.

Those travelling from West Wiltshire, Kennet or Salisbury please enter via the entrance signposted STAFF ENTRANCE (leads to tennis court behind gym).

The STAFF ENTRANCE which everyone coming from West Wilts, Salisbury and Kennet should use please, is a little bit further down Hardenhuish Lane from the Main Entrance (to be used only by those coming from Swindon and North Wilts) just past the turning on the right (Old Hardenhuish Lane)


Entry is by programme price £2.00 for adults (U-18 free). Programmes will be on sale at the exit from the car parks to the courses. Programmes will contain the names of every athlete entered,


WOW cakes, BETTER Bacon Butties and Hot Drinks will be on sale from 09:15.

Please continue to support WSAA by enjoying the refreshments on offer and purchasing a programme.Without your support we would not be able to run our Cross Country Championship.


Please check the spelling of you name from the age group entries below. If your name is missing or incorrectly spelt then please contact us immediately, using Contacts page on this site,

Note: Areas can list a squad of up to 15 named runners of which a maximum of (any) 12 (10 senior) of this squad can run on the day. Your area is responsible for informing you if you are a reserve or if you are running.

10.45 Senior Boys (Y12&13) 6,585m Entries
10.46 Minor Girls (Y7) 2,340m Entries
11.05 Senior Girls (Y12&13)
Inter Girls (Y10 &Y11)
3,825m Entries
11.20 Minor Boys (Y7) 2,670m Entries
11.30 Junior Girls (Y8 & Y9) 3,250m Entries
11.40 Junior Boys (Y8 & Y9) 3,825m Entries
11.55 Intermediate Boys (Y10 & Y11) 5,550m Entries

Entries by area: Kennet , North Wilts , Salisbury , Swindon , West Wilts

School / College Entries.

Entry reports last generated on: 13 Jan 2019

Course Map

The site is detailed on this map. The different courses are detailed here . Please note that the courses are accurate and the same as last year but we will be re-sighting the Team Bases and the Podium Presentations to the tennis courts labelled O+MB; the Results Hub to the where the cup is and the cup (refreshments) to the building above where the Results Hub was. First Aid and RAYNET move to be closer to the Finish.

Forms and documents:

Please read the following important documents

Cross Country News
17 Dec 2018

The cross country season is well and truly in full swing, with most Wiltshire areas having now completed their races.

Athletes are training hard at their various clubs and associations, supported well by coaches and parents – our thanks to you all.

Soon the top 15 runners from each area: Kennet, Salisbury, North Wilts, Swindon, West Wilts will receive letters from their school containing information about the county trials. This year we are once again able to use Sheldon School in Chippenham. It is being held on Saturday 19th January, with a reserve date on Saturday 26th January. If you are not sure which area your school is in, or need to contact the area manager – just refer to the WSAA website. Each area can enter up to 15 runners on the entry system and select their top 12 to run. The others can be called upon as reserves that will then be in our entry system.

We select the top 10 runners to go forward representing Wiltshire at the SW race however it may not be the top 10 finishers on race day as we may have "special considerations" to look at. The final 10 athletes" will be selected " on known form".

This year it is hosted by Avon; and held in Bath on Saturday 2nd February. The exact location is tbc. Once confirmed then all details will be posted on the WSAA website.

The top 8 runners again are selected “on known form”,(excluding the minors) will represent Wiltshire at the Nationals. This year we are returning to Leeds. We travel up on Friday 15th march, and the races are held on Saturday 16th March.

Background information:

All parents and coaches, friends and family are welcome to attend every event.

At each race the runners will be looked after by experienced team managers.

Every event has first aiders present.

Please note:

This year all runners are asked to make their own way to the county and the SW competitions. However all runners must register with their team managers by the allotted time, as all runners will need to be registered in good time, before the races start, so they can be prepared properly.

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