Wiltshire Schools' Athletics Association


Hon President Maureen Emmett
Chairperson Tim Whiting
Vice Chairperson Danielle Fox
Minutes Secretary Phil Monk
Hon Secretary to English School’s Maureen Emmett
Hon Treasurer Neil Reeves
Multi-Events Coordinator Sally Hornby
Awards Coordinator Lesley Wickens
E.S.A.A. Cup Coordinator Corinne Hunter
Track & Field Championship Coordinator Tim Whiting
Track & Field WSAA Teams Coordinators Danielle Fox & Kayleigh Harper
Athletics Championships Results Computing Championship Solutions
Cross country WSAA Teams Coordinator Kat Baker
Cross country Championship Coordinator Tim Whiting
Cross country Championships Results Computing Championship Solutions
Coaching Secretary Tim Whiting
WSAA Rep to Wilts. A.A. Phil Monk
Area Secretaries:
North Wilts Chris Smith
West Wilts Ben Taylor
Salisbury Lucy Edwards
Swindon Georgina Allbrook-Dunn
Kennet Marcus Sharrad
Auditor to the Accounts:
Val Trout

Contacts us:

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WSAA championships.

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